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(NaturalNews) According to government health authorities, medical ‘experts,’ and the pharmaceutical industry adverse events after vaccinations are extremely rare. The attitude of these organizations toward individuals who do experience an adverse reaction to vaccines was recently summed up quite clearly in an article titled, The Value of Life, Statistically Speaking by Rick Jones, CFO magazine which stated:

“Inoculating children to prevent infectious disease transmission is good for society from both health and financial perspectives, but some initially healthy children may suffer adverse reactions, injury, or even death. For vaccines, the enormous societal benefits trump the tragedies of the few.”

In other words, those who suffer adverse reactions, injury and even death are viewed as acceptable collateral damage, nothing more than statistics. Allow us to introduce you to a small sample of the statistically ‘rare’ adverse events after receiving the HPV vaccine, Gardasil:

Gone after Gardasil: Acceptable collateral damage?.