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Feb 3 2012 Bank of America Lakeport, Ca. I attempted to make a cash payment on our mortgage, the manager refused to take the cash saying it was against bank policy.

I was shocked, had no idea this would happen, since when does a bank not accept cash… Right! When I protested, the manager called the Lakeport poilce dept. After being detained for about 1/2 hour and nearly arrested for shooting video inside the bank the cops decided to let me go.

The BofA manager made a complaint against me and had the cops inform me that I am “no longer welcome inside the Lakeport branch of Bank of America.” Also that if I “ever attempted to enter the branch again I WILL be arrested!”
So apparently Bank of America DOES NOT accept American cash dollars as a form of payment on mortgages in AMERICA!


Vid 2 of 4 Inside Bank of America, refusing to countersign a check from Farmers Insurance.

Vid 3 of 4 Outside Bank of America, Dumb-Ass-Cop accusing me of “Casing the Bank!”

Vid 4 of 4 Outside Bank of America, Cops telling me that if I enter BofA again, I’LL BE ARRESTED!