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It’s no secret innocent parents have been permanently losing their children to child protection authorities across Ontario for a very long time. Remember disgraced pathologist Charles Randal Smith reign of terror? Well, he wasn’t the only one, he just got caught and the media were willing violate the section in the Child and Family Services Act preventing anyone from reporting cases that include children.

It’s also no secret that back on May 5, 2011 the McGuinty Government outright prevented investigations of Ontario’s Children’s Aid Societies, School Boards and Police by the Ontario Ombudsman to the point of obstructing justice in many cases.

Former Children and Youth Services Minister Laurel Broten herself personally voted to prevent investigations of Children’s Aid Societies, School Boards and the Police by voting down Private Members Bill 183, 2011 on May 5, 2011. A lot of people also reported Broten seemed looked happy while victims were crying and began screaming to the point the legislature went in to a lock down after the Liberals voted it down.

After voting down Bill 183, the McGuinty Government went so far as to knowingly expedite adoptions with Bill 179, 2011 with full knowledge and further reminders at the committee level, innocent parents have lost children to foster care and adoption.

Is Jessie Sansone an innocent bystander or were the authorities in the right? Not one of us will ever know because only in Ontario, are these public institutions allowed to conduct the investigation against themselves.

Remember, every child being taken for no reason is being emotionally abused and will workers be prosecuted? I guarantee you they won’t, to most within the justice system the kids and their parents are just collateral damage.

I’ve personally seen “Child Protection Workers” commit perjury in an Ontario court and I’ll go on record here with the following statement, if Premiere Dalton McGuinty, Hon Laurel Broten, Hon Eric Hoskins, Alison Scott, Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies or it’s member Children’s Aid Societies  dispute the fact “innocent parents are permanently losing their children” they are not only misleading the public with false information, they are either refusing to find out the truth or do not want you to know it.

If any of this information was incorrect it will be or would have been removed either by us or a judge


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