Cannabis OIL- Rick Simpson says “It’s A Cure All” Medication

Posted: November 12, 2012 in Health
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It was August 14th 2012. It was a very exciting day for my friends and I because we heard Rick Simpson was in Brantford Ontario.

Now in case if you are reading this and you don’t know who Rick Simpson is well you’re in for a good read.

Rick is a man who has treated and cured close to 5,000 people with all different types of illnesses and diseases. The medicine he administered to the 5,000 people was concentrated cannibus oil. Rick and many people like to call this oil, “a cure all.’ The term can be laughed at in a hospital, but what else can you call a medicine that cures almost anything and everything (literally).

“I do not know of a medical condition that this oil does not work on”, says Rick with complete confidence as he stares at the camera.

My nephew Anthony asked Rick what types of things can cannibus oil cure. Rick told us he has treated and cured people that had different types of cancers, aids, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, diabetes, chronic pain, arthritis, STDs like herpies, warts, moles, rashes, boils , all types of skin conditions and much more that he could not think of at the time.

Me personally I know smoking it has benefits of increasing appetite for those who do not eat lots and  it helps with sleep for those who have trouble sleeping at night.




Rick says to the 5 camera’s that is recording him, “the medical aspects of this plant vary from strain to strain but practically from what I’ve seen all of them seem to cure cancer. Some strains are better for lowering ocular pressure for people that have Glaucoma or controlling blood sugar for diabetics. This is what we’ll have to determine for the future, which strains are the best.”

Rick later off camera also told us that the concentrated oil containing the cannibonoids is the strongest pain killer known to man. He said he treated a woman who had severe pain, she took hydromorphine pills and oxycontin pills with no satisfactory results. He started giving her cannibus oil for oral consumption and he claims that this lady said it worked better than those opoid pills. I believe this because I heard when Queen Victoria  was alive she also ingested cannibus while giving birth and also consumed it during mentral cycles to feel its analgesic properties.

Anthony asked Rick how he came across this oil. He told us that he grew pot as far back as 1988, which was before he found out about the oil and the medical benefits . But it wasn’t until after 1997 when he got his head injury and was diagnosed with Post Concussion Syndrome that he started to look into alternative treatments to his condition.

“Before that time I never really looked at hemp(cannibus) as medicine” , he said.  .   He said a film with David Suzuki called ‘The Nature of Things‘ is what woke him up to the medical benefits of cannibus.  The medical system fed him chemicals with no satisfactory results, Rick claims smoking pot actually helps his condition and he no longer takes big pharma’s remedies.

It appears to me this oil is extremely healthy for the body, especially if it has the power to kill cancer.and it can be used to advance your health by taking daily or weekly doses of it. This oil is healthy like fruits and vegetables and Rick advises people to take it daily especially because of the hidden radioactive dangers spewing from Japan, Fukushima all the way to here in Canada.

I asked Rick approximately how much oil would one need to ingest to cure cancer. He said, “It depends on the person, we all have different rates of healing. But if you came to me and you were diagnosed with cancer, 60 grams over three months and the cancer should be gone but if you’ve had chemo and radiation then you’re gonna have to take 120 – 180 grams as fast as you possibly can because you have to un do all that damage the chemo-therapy has left behind.”

Source:  Cannabis OIL- Rick Simpson says “It’s A Cure All” Medication.


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