Wind turbines up for discussionChatham-Kent Essex MPP Rick Nicholls hosting town hall meeting

Posted: March 10, 2012 in Green Enegery, Health
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Chatham-Kent Essex MPP Rick Nicholls hosting town hall meeting

By Bob Boughner

The public is invited to attend a town hall meeting Tuesday to discuss wind turbines and the Green Energy Act.

Chatham-Kent Essex MPP Rick Nicholls is hosting the 7 p.m. event at Deer Run Golf Course.

The meeting follows on the heels of a similar event slated for Monday in Strathroy being organized by Lambton-Kent Middlesex MPP Monte McNaughton.

“The meeting is a non-partisan event designed to provide the public with an opportunity to share their views on the topic,” Nicholls told The Daily News.

The MPP said based on the number of calls he has received from constituents it appears there is growing concern over potential health issues and future costs associated with turbines and solar panels.

Nicholls said the various companies that own and operate turbines and solar panels in southwestern Ontario have been invited to attend the meeting.

“I’m in the process of lining up speakers for the event,” he said.

“They will include MPP Vic Fedeli, the Conservative Party’s energy critic.”

Nicholls said he is aware that a company has received the green light to construct 110 new wind turbines in Chatham-Kent this year – 55 in the southern part of the municipality and a similar number in the Mitchell’s Bay-Wallaceburg area.

“I think the McGuinty government realizes it acted too hastily in allowing the huge number of turbines to be built in southwestern Ontario,” he said.

“The government has backed itself into a corner and is now trying to defend itself.”

He predicted the cost of electricity will skyrocket in the future.

Nicholls said it is his hope the town hall meeting will spark debate.

“We have just learned of a new global adjustment fee that is being charged companies,” he said. “Officials of a North Bay company say the global adjustment fee has cost them an additional energy fee of $1 million during the past year.”

Nicholls said the additional cost could force the company to close its doors.

Anyone planning to attend the town hall meeting is asked to call Jo Van Alphen at 519-351-0510.


Wind turbines up for discussion – Chatham Daily News – Ontario, CA.

  1. Pat Jackson says:

    I live in the town of Essex; we are surrounded by wind turbines which are all a few kms from town. When the wind is blowing in a certain direction, we feel/hear a loud hum (like that of a train locomotive idling). I’m not sure if this is a complaint of members of your community but, it is a real health concern. It disrupts sleep, creates headaches, etc. This noise/vibration is not heard/felt by everyone. I believe that it depends on the dynamics of a house…basement, pitch of the roof, height, etc.
    Make a noise and be heard.
    Pat Jackson

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