CBC’s Hit Piece On The Freeman Movement

Posted: March 4, 2012 in News
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A program titled “A Canadian Concern” recently aired on CBC’s The National which takes a look at the Freeman Movement here in Canada. The program was an all out hit piece designed to demonize the movement and portray “freemen on the land” as potentially violent cop killers! Press For Truth documented the entire interview that was conducted by the CBC with freeman Robert Menard in order to protect the integrity of the movement and to counter the propaganda that is being spewed by CBC’s The National

Watch the interview that Dan Dicks conducted with Robert and you will see the glaring differences between what he actually has to say and what the CBC portrayed.
Recently Canadian Freeman Robert Menard was invited to do an interview for CBC’s The National about the freeman movement here in Canada. Press For Truth documented the interview then did a follow up interview of our own to get some more insight into what the “freeman movement” is all about.

For more information on the freeman movement watch Rob’s film:
“Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception”
Robert’s Channel:

  1. The CBC, a.k.a. Canadian Brainwasking Corporation, is Canada’s prime mind control orgainzation and has consistently refused to tell Canadians the truth about how a secret cabal attempted to loot the benefit of Canada’s water export wealth, the ritual murder of Michel Trudeau and the murder of 30 witnesses linked to the Water War Crimes.

    Learn about the startling murder of 30 key witnesses and the serial killer stalking civil servants.


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