#Spoil – Documentary on the Great Bear #Rainforests under threat by DIRTY #TARSANDS / #OILSANDS – YouTube

Posted: February 11, 2012 in Environmental
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SPOIL – A powerful documentary on the Great Bear Rainforest by EP Films.
The film shows the splendour of nature with some beautiful photography. It highlights the nature we all want to protect, but our blinkered and incessant addiction to burn more oil, is helping to destroy.

Spoil is a lovely film and a perfect way to encourage us all to help protect and nurture nature and not destroy it for the sake of dirty oil. We need to stop buying dirty oil and move faster into clean renewable electricity.

We all have the choice to support and promote clean renewable sources of energy and wean ourselves off of our addiction to burning fossil fuels.
• Switch your energy supplier to a company that is making concerted efforts in clean, renewable electricity.
• Next time you buy a vehicle, insist on purchasing an electric vehicle.
• Make it known to your politicians that the Tar sands must stop.
• Get involved with a group that is helping to stop the oil sands and its infrastructure. EG

SPOIL – Wins Top Environmental Award at Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival. http://www.ilcp.com/buzz/spoil-the-fight-to-save-the-great-bear-wins-top-envi…

See The Tipping Point: The Age of the Oil Sands
See Spoil on Vimeo http://vimeo.com/19582018
Join Spoil on facebook https://facebook.com/SpoilFilm

Find out more about the filmmakers:


Spoil – Documentary on the Great Bear Rainforests under threat by DIRTY TARSANDS / OILSANDS – YouTube.


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