Cop Pulls Shotgun on Peaceful Crowd Alex Jones’ #Infowars

Posted: February 9, 2012 in News

Police ‘brought excessive force for a sound complaint,’ Crowd leader says.

Aaron Dykes
February 8, 2012

Shocking video shows that a crazed member of the Houston Police Department pulled a shotgun on a peaceful but vocal crowd as it tried to shut down a free event with more than one hundred people in attendance at a private residence on the premise of a noise complaint. The officer drew the weapon and put a round in the chamber to intimidate the crowd just after forcibly pulling out one Micah Jackson from the crowd, who was later cuffed but released without charge during the January 27 incident caught on cell phone cameras.

The crowd denounced the police’s love of ‘authority’ over ‘freedom.’ An officer can even be heard in the video stating “your freedom ends tonight.” Excess force in policing is the kind of abuse that led to the 1776 revolution against tyranny.

Houston’s Police Chief Charles McClelland has issued a statement promising a thorough investigation of the officer’s conduct, as well as the detainment of Jackson.

Derrick Broze, who was leader of the Houston Free Thinkers group putting on the event, says he spoke to police about the complaint and agreed to shut down one of the three stages. “They brought excessive force for a sound complaint. They could have just brought an officer or two and talked it out,” KHOU quoted Broze as stating.

Instead, Broze was harassed over not having an ID card and later arrested. Initially, he says, police tried to charge him with felony count for inciting a riot, but in the end booked him on a Class C Misdemeanor for ‘failure to obey an order.’ Broze told Infowars that order was never made clear to him; however, he plead guilty to the Class C charge and was released from jail some 15 hours later after time served.

Broze and the Houston Free Thinkers have formally requested a meeting with the city’s mayor, police chief and officer involved to discuss the issue, but are currently awaiting a response.

Coverage at KHOU includes several neighbors who approved of the officer’s pulling a shotgun, as well as a former FBI official who said he observed no misconduct and even condoned the officer’s “muzzle discipline”


» Cop Pulls Shotgun on Peaceful Crowd Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!.


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