Posted: February 5, 2012 in News

How true Doc

The New Survivalist

Living Under the Boot of Tyranny: The video below proves that cops can watch you from those surveillance cameras while sitting in their squad cars:

Note that the funding for this surveillance equipment comes from federal grants. Ask yourself what interest the Feds have in local law enforcement.

They “sell” us these systems of surveillance claiming that they are for our “protection”, and so the local law enforcement “officials” go along thinking that it is a good thing (and that is how they keep the local “officials” compartmentalized.)

But in the end it is to control the public during the continually worsening economic and societal collapse for the purpose of “continuity of government”–keeping the Federal Masters in power and the people under control. Like the NDAA that Obama signed in the darkness of the midnight hour, which legalized the unconstitutional indefinite detention of American Citizens without due…

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